Black Girl Passion Mission:

Est. 2017 by Sherelle & Kelsey Green, Anita Davis, Angela Seals, and Ty Waller

In 2017, Book Euphoria created #BlackGirlPassion to empower black women – and ALL women – to become the best version of ourselves and embrace what ignites our hunger and PASSION to succeed. Our mission is to be encouraging, be original, dare to inspire, and rock our #BlackGirlPassion.

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What is Black Girl Passion?

#BlackGirlPassion is the thriving force behind the dopeness that we exude when we walk in our full potential. It is the fuel that ignites our productivity.

#BlackGirlPassion is electrifying. It is allowing your thoughts and focus to be consumed with achieving your goals because of and despite any constraints placed on you by others. It forces you to push past barriers and overcome adversity. You’re unbothered because your black girl passion is too strong.

#BlackGirlPassion is knowing that you’re carrying the torch of those who paved the way before you. It’s evident in any and all facets of life. No matter your profession, you exude passion.

#BlackGirlPassion is knowing your truth and instead of waiting for someone to build your path, you create your own journey.



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