Escapades of Peaches and Geraldine Episode 4

Episode 4:
Mama Peaches & Geraldine’s Bingo Attempt

“Deen, why you ain’t been answering your phone?” Mama Peaches said, grabbing her purse from off the hook on the back of her bedroom door.

“Peaches, I don’ messed up,” Geraldine whispered, looking over to the left of her. She shivered in disgust before pulling the covers up closer to her neck and gripping the phone tighter.

“Deen what are you talking about? And why are you so hush?” Mama Peaches locked her front door behind her. “You better not still be laying down when you know good and well you should be up and ready to go the bingo hall with me.”

“Peaches, I don’t know about going to the bingo hall today. I don’ messed up big time this time.” Geraldine shuffled from her bed and wrapped the white sheet around her body. She lifted her hand to scratch her head, but feeling nothing but a stocking cap, she silently shrieked before she looked at the bed to see her Diana Ross-like wig near her pillow. She lurched forward and snatched it from the bed and slapped it on her head. She used the hand with the phone in it to hold it down while her other hand worked to stretch it out over her head.

Mama Peaches stopped in her tracks on her front porch steps and stared into the street as if Geraldine was in front of her and could see the frown lines on her forehead and slightly gaped mouth, but she wasn’t. Only her late husband’s 1973 Cadillac Deville, shiny and ready for her to drive it was in sight. She’d could only use words to communicate with her friend. “Deen, what is going on?”

“Well, remember when we went to that library on the west side to pass out flyers for the Bachelor Auction?”


“And remember we stumbled upon those Book Euphoria girls that Saturday selling their books?” Geraldine narrowed her eyes, staring at her bed.

“Yeah, Deen, what does that have to do with anything?” Mama Peaches closed her car door.

“I’ve been hit by Madden Mania.”

Mama Peaches was clueless at to what her friend was talking about as she started up the old school car.

“Peaches, I bought two books from that pretty girl with the long hair, you know the one that liked to hug.”

“Okay, and?” Mama Peaches remembered exactly which one Geraldine was referring to.

“Well, she had some books about brothers, and I bought them. Peaches, the way she described that man in #BlessedbyMalakai, she had me fanning myself down there like it was a fiery furnace.”

When the recognition of what Geraldine was saying hit Mama Peaches, she shook her head. “Deen.”

“Peaches, I ain’t lying. I had fans blowing on me from every which direction trying to get my hotbox’s temperature back to normal.”

Frustrated with Geraldine’s antics, Mama Peaches sighed. “Deen, what does any of this have to do with you whispering on the phone right now and probably not ready for bingo? You know I hate to be late.”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you, but I had to start from the beginning. I should’ve known better not to fool with that girl’s books after that first one, but I just couldn’t help myself. Those Madden Men keep you wanting more, so I started reading the next book in the series last night.”

Mama Peaches stopped at a red light. “Are you saying you’ve been in bed all day because you were up all night reading?”

“I was up all night reading, but that ain’t what has me whispering and not ready yet.”

“Well, what is it Deen?” The light turned green and Mama Peaches put her foot on the gas again.

“Are you gonna let me tell you or you just gon’ keep interrupting me?” Geraldine bucked her neck as if Mama Peaches could see her.

Mama Peaches pursed her lips as she made a right turn.

“Peaches, I thought that first book about Malakai was something else, but that damn Crayson Madden made my pocketbook cray cray for real.”

Mama Peaches slammed on her breaks. Luckily, no one was behind her. “Deen, what the hell are you telling me?”

“Hold on Peaches.”

“Deen!” Mama Peaches screamed into the Bluetooth around her neck.

Geraldine didn’t respond to Mama Peaches but rather made her way around to the other side of her bed and poked who’d she left in it.

He rolled over and stretched.

She cringed, squeezing her eyes shut tight at the sight in front of her before she started grabbing the clothes near her feet and throwing them at him.

He sat up smiling and trying to speak, but her eyes widened as her pointer finger flew up to her mouth, signaling him to be quiet. Her lips tightened and her nostrils flared.

He got the picture and grinned as he sat up and began to get dressed.

Geraldine grabbed the robe hanging near her bedroom door, put it on and stepped into her hallway.

She stepped a few paces away from her bedroom door before she turned her attention back to Mama Peaches on the phone. “What I’m trying to tell you if you would just let me get the rest of the story out is by the time that Crayson had finish sexing that girl in her secret room, I was drenched down there you hear me, drenched. I had to get a towel to clean myself up before I got in the shower. I was still so hot and bothered when I got out the shower that I figured going to the gym would help me since they say you release them dolphins when you exercise.”

Mama Peaches’ face scrunched as she mouthed “dolphins” several times. Still not grasping what Geraldine was saying, she asked, “Deen, what? Dolphins live in the ocean.”

“Naw, you know, them things that make you happy. Them dolphins.”

“You mean endorphins?”

“That’s what I said, them dolphins.”

Mama Peaches didn’t even bother to correct her friend.

With silence on the other end, Geraldine continued her story, “I was at the gym working out, trying to relieve that built up tension the men in them books created down there, but it just wasn’t working.” Growing hot all over again, Geraldine shook her head. “And then I saw him.”

As if she had summoned him, he emerged from her room, smiling and walking towards her with his arms, wide, to embrace her.

“Saw who?” Mama Peaches asked, finally pulling up to Geraldine’s house.

“Him, Peaches,” Geraldine said, swatting his hands away from her and walking backwards until they were near her front door.

He didn’t let up on trying to embrace her as he stepped behind her and wrapped his arms around her. His puckered lips teased the sweet spot behind her ears.

Between the images of what the Madden Men had done to the women in the books, remembering his tongue reaching way past his chin when he stuck it out, and the kisses he currently trailed on her neck, she was losing all sensibility. “Peaches, oh Peaches,” her words came out on the combination of a moan and a grunt, remembering the scenes from the books as well as her afternoon activities. She cleared her throat as his arms wrapped tighter around her. “Peaches, you remember Walkman Man.” She found the strength to pull from his embrace and open her front door.

“What is with all of this remembering you have me doing?” Mama Peaches said.

“Peaches?” Geraldine’s dark brown eyes widened when the door was fully opened.

“What, Deen?” Mama Peaches said, looking past Geraldine and staring directly into Walkman Man’s face.

He smiled, toothless, as he nodded his head at Mama Peaches. He leaned in and kissed Geraldine on her cheek. He squeezed her butt for kicks, to which she jumped and then he walked out the front door.

Stunned, Mama Peaches’ head turned to follow him before she looked back at Geraldine.

“Walkman Man from the gym,” Geraldine said into her phone.

“Deen, I’m in your face, hang up the phone,” Mama Peaches scolded.

Geraldine was so flustered that she struggled to press the end button. When she looked up at Mama Peaches, she couldn’t read her facial expression, so she pulled her robe tighter around her and said, “Now wait a minute, don’t you judge me.” She wagged her finger at Mama Peaches.

“I’m not judging you.” Peaches chuckled to herself and clutched her purse tighter. “I’m just saying that after all that talk about him never being able to get near you that you, you,” she studied the glow and embarrassment on her friend’s face and said, “let him get so close to you.”

Geraldine covered her face with both hands before she quickly dropped them and her eyes and mouth widened as she stared at Mama Peaches. One hand flew up to her hip and all her weight shifted to that one side of her body. “I know right Peaches. After the first time I met him, if someone would’ve told me that he and I would, you know, I would’ve had them committed to a looney bin. But Peaches, the man didn’t have his teeth in again today. I was so bothered and when he saw me, he wasted no time in showing me how far the tip of his tongue went past his chin.” She gripped her robe tightly. “Peaches, he touched my soul with that thang.”

Mama Peaches shivered. “Deen, I don’t want to hear that.” She shooed Geraldine to turn. “Just get in there and get ready so we can go.” She stepped forward to walk in the house, but Geraldine turning back to face her halted her steps.

“Just one more thing.” Geraldine’s pulse sped up.

“What?” Mama Peaches’ tone was sharp as she folded her arms under her breasts.

“I was wrong.” Geraldine squealed.

“About what?”

“Him, Peaches. That old dog is young at heart, mouth, stamina, and everything else you can name.”

Mama Peaches shook her head and shooed her friend into her house.

Geraldine walked but talked loudly on over shoulder. “I’m serious, Peaches. I thought the kind of stuff he did to me only happens in those romance novels. But boy does that old dog have some great,” she licked her lips, “tricks up his sleeve. Oooh,” she flailed her arms, “let me go take a cold shower before I have to call him back over here.”

“And fix your wig while you’re at it. “Peaches shook her head as she closed the door behind her.

***Episode 5 Coming Soon***